JOHNMONI Welcome to Our Store

Since 2018

Designed in Berlin, Born in Florence.

With our label Johnmoni we have been showing you high fashion from Berlin since 2018. The city for creative people and successful start-ups. Internationally operating companies work from here on their success. And Johnmoni uses this starting point to present the world of fashion to you in the form of unique designs.

All handcrafted items are made in Florence, Italy. Every handbag, leather jacket, clutch or wallet is a piece of quality work of historical Italian leather art. For this purpose, all high-quality materials were lovingly sewn in a manufactory according to our design template and combined into a modern work of art.

JOHNMONI It Is Not Your Casual Designer

The highest quality standards in production in Italy as well as an attractive design create leather products with a stunning character. Enjoy the high quality of leather on your skin or as a bag. And show style when you use our products in everyday life or at events.

Let yourself be inspired. With our range of bags and clothing made from Italian leather. Every purchase of one of our JOHNMONI products visibly enhances your wardrobe and gives you the feeling of owning a piece of Italian craftsmanship.