John & Moni

Warm welcome!

Appealing design and noble materials have always fascinated us. Inspired by the beautiful pictures of our daughter, we have therefore started to implement our ideas for handcrafted bags of the highest quality. The close and personal contact with the production facilities, which made our wishes come true, helped us:

Bags and accessories made of naturally processed and high-quality leather.

Our creativity is reflected in the new designs of our products. As a couple, we always develop the designs together. John, as a trained tailor, then makes the sample bags. And together with the production facilities that we have carefully selected, real gems made of real leather are created.

The craftsmanship and the Italian leather used in our products have delighted many buyers in the past. With our new web shop, we are now happy to meet the wishes of our customers and present you with our complete “Johnmoni2017” collection.

We very much hope that our bags and accessories will spark the enthusiasm with which we approach our project anew every day. Because in the future we want to show with the new creations in our shop that the highest quality and attractive design at affordable prices do not have to be a contradiction in terms. We look forward to your visit and proudly present our "Johnmoni" collection of high-quality bags, backpacks, pendants and accessories.

John and Moni