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Mara logo pendant

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Mara is used to quickly and easily embellish any bag. The real fur pendants show their stylish skills just like the high-quality metal pendants. Whether in gold or silver, one or more colors - choose your new favorite accessory for your leather handbag and use it to create your own personal look.

Logo pendant Mara

Our bag models impress with their simple and high-quality design. As a fashionably playful accessory, our real fur pendant Mara can be easily attached to any bag with an elegant snap hook. Change the look of your leather handbag according to your mood and in a short time. Without fur, the pendants made of noble-looking metal applications in gold or silver adorn less romantically, but are excellently handcrafted.

Refine your bags easily with our Mara charms. Because with the handmade real fur accessories you show style and class every day. Choose a tone-in-tone combination with your existing bag model or an eye-catching contrasting color from our color range. The fluffy, soft fur balls in two different sizes or in the shape of a heart look just as good on your mobile phone or wallet.

All Mara pendants are ideal as a gift. Pass this little gift on to someone and show your good taste. Or just give yourself a present. With our high-quality real fur or metal pendants, there are no limits to your imagination. Play with your new accessory and discover other uses for attachment.

Features Mara logo pendant

  • Pendant optionally with metal applications
  • Available in gold or silver

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