Gym Bag Jarita | Purple suede with fur and hand painted flowers

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Sporty but extremely feminine. Our leather gym bag in many beautiful colors impresses with sophisticated details, a glove-soft natural material and a wide range of uses. The gym bag is now also exclusively available with fur and hand-painted.


The gym bag Jarita made of purple suede with fur and hand-painted flowers

Gym bags are no longer reserved for sporty wearers. Rather, a copy made of the finest leather shows that women are open to everything when it comes to their handbag selection . And our particularly beautiful bag alternative Jarita expresses the exclusive taste of its wearer in an extremely stylish way. There are two different suede colors to choose from, cowhide leather , eye-catching gold glitter ram leather and a fur cover with hand-painted flowers . With tasteful details, such as perfectly coordinated zippers in gold or silver and a small mini wool, this gym bag is ideal for completing your leisure or business wardrobe .


The leather backpack is carried on the back in the classic way - with the help of the Italian cords made of glossy polyester - but can also be used on the short handles. The size of 39 cm x 44 cm allows you to take your wallet, make-up and cell phone with you, as well as larger items, such as one

iPad or MacBook. Two separate pockets in the front area can also be used to store small items. To prevent unwanted access, the leather gym bag has a pocket on the inside that has an extra zipper and optimally protects your personal belongings.


The fine Italian leather for our n Jarita gym bag does not require any extra care. It is wonderfully soft because it has not been impregnated. Always protect your e bag from moisture and moisture so that you can enjoy your new accessories for a long time. If the backpack does come into contact with moisture, simply dry it with a soft cloth. Our products are all lovingly handcrafted. Due to this longer work process, it can happen that there is a subsequent delivery time of up to 3 weeks for sold-out items . In return, you can later be sure that you are holding a particularly valuable piece of manufacturing work in your hands.


Features of the purple gym bag Jarita made of suede



- Finest Italian (suede) leather in many different colors
- Or exclusively with a fur cover and hand-painted flowers
- Matching zipper in gold or silver
- High quality gloss polyester cord
- Gym bag size 39cm x 44cm
- Including practical mini wool set
- Requires protection from moisture and moisture

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